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Scent Marketing!

Does Scent Branding make sense for your business?

Why Scent?

Why you need a Scent Logo.

The definitive guide to Scent Marketing

Once upon a time, businesses struggled to attract new customers and increase sales.
Every day, they sent out emails, posted on social media, bought newspaper ads, radio, and TV commercials.
One day, they discovered that smell can make an immediate emotional impact and evoke powerful memories.
Because of that, businesses could engage their customers in a subtle but positive way.
Because of that, the entire customer experience changed and the customer’s focus shifted to the positive experience.
Until finally, they made a great impression and gave their customers the best possible experience.

How does Scent Branding works?
Our sense of smell is processed by the limbic system of our brain, the same part of the brain that processes logic, mood, emotions & memories.
This direct path to the emotional part of your brain means scent doesn’t have to be processed or interpreted.
Why Scent Branding works?
Smell is used in branding because it increases the customer’s remembrance of the brand.
Smell is the sense most linked to our emotional recollection.
It can create instant connections between a brand and other memories.
Neuromarketing studies show that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell.
Smell is linked to pleasure and well-being, emotion, and memory.
Therefore, it can influence customers’ emotional state and mood to make the customers more susceptible and even impact customer behavior.

We can design a signature fragrance that will improve your brand’s image.
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